The BARE Brunch Single Moms Initiative

Meet Our Official Venue Sponsor

Kowork Dallas the BARE Brunch official venue sponsor.

THANKS you KOWORK DALLAS for serving as our official venue sponsor. We couldn’t have done this without your selflessness and beautify venue.  

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Welcome to my house where nudity is 100% acceptable – yes, your truth matters around these parts! So disrobe from negativity, anguish, failure, self-pity, hatred, bitterness, depression, and walk in your authentic truth. Excuses are not allowed here so leave them at the door!

Ebony offers:

  • Brand Ambassador program design and training, connect brands with key influencers—expanding their reach and sales.
  • Lifestyle Coaching, empowering and positioning women for purpose and prosperity with her proven strategies to thrive, inspire, and earn a living in a purpose driven business.
  • The BARE Brunch Initiative, an annual project designed to uplift and unite single moms, providing key resources and a day of pampering. features an online lifestyle blog that empowers women to renovate their space of negativity; redesigning their interior into a more positive space – becoming more than mom. It also chronicles the highs and lows of single motherhood through Ebony’s digital “mommy diary.” It’s your one-stop-show for all on-the-go mommy tips, tricks, and kicks.

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