1. You are solely financially responsible. (Some may disagree if the other parent is involved, but know he has an option to walk away at any time. Guess who’s left footing the bill? Think about it.)

  2. Your child will mimic the things their primary parent shows them. Why? Glad you asked, because you are the one who is primarily around them. Be careful what you say and do around your child.

  3. Kids are a joy, but they are WORK! They are DOUBLE work if you are doing it alone. You have to find your balance of disciplinarian and nurturing. Don’t try and be the kid’s friend, they’ll thank you later that you are seen as ‘Mom.’ They’ll have plenty of ‘homegirls.’

  4. Date night on the back burner, build a solid relationship with your kid (s) FIRST!

  5. If your kids aren’t feeling Mr. Right, then he ain’t right! Do NOT devalue a child’s discernment. No, that doesn’t mean go and have this long drawn out conversation with them about what they do and do not like about him, but just pay attention to the signs. Pay attention to how he is around them, when the time is right of course.

  6. Do NOT introduce your kid to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that comes your way. I believe a fair amount of time to introduce kiddos to a man is 1 year. Yes, a whole entire year. Look at it this way, it’s only 365 days. Ladies, wait until his representative excuses himself from the relationship. A real man will respect that you aren’t inviting EVERY man in your life to meet your tiny one.

  7. Be honest with Mr. Right that you have a child (ren) back home. Give him the chance to make a fair assessment on whether he’d like to date you AND your child (ren). Don’t take it personal if he doesn’t. It just means he isn’t THE one and that’s perfectly fine. Remember, afterall your child (ren) is the permanent fixture in your life. Allow him to exit stage left.

  8. It is no longer about you, so get over yourself! Single parenting is a selfless endeavor. You ask why do I leave 2 parent, parenting out? Uh, let’s see maybe because we aren’t talking about 2 people here, these are the 10 unspoken truths about single parenting and I’m going with what I know. EVERY decision I make, is for my daughter and me! Perhaps if it were 2 of us, I’d have wiggle room, but such is life. It ain’t over just because there’s no ‘he’ in the picture.

  9. Stop making your problems with Dad, the kiddos problems. If you and Dad are arguing or disagree on rearing, step away and woosah before interacting with the tiny tot. The kid doesn’t need to know everything that goes on between the 2 adults, unless you’d like for he/she to think you’re just pretending to be grown. Leave adult decisions to the adults and allow your kid (s) to be just that; a KID!

  10. Respect your individual time. Do not lose yourself in being a single mom. There are ways to enjoy life as a Mom without, losing who you once were pre baby. Remember you, while balancing the insurmountable responsibility of single parenting.

Can you think of any ways you’d share truths about Single Parenting? Sound off below with your 2 cents in the comments. I’d love to hear from you. #SeeYourselfNaked



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