A little over a week is in the books for 2015 and I can truly say things are looking up! How this book gets better, I’m not sure because my 2014 was already mind-blowing. This is the first year I am proud to say I only resolve to have no resolutions. My life is about longevity in the department of change, nothing more, nothing less. In fact, I joked with my sister the other night and said I resolve to no longer exhaust energy on drafting a resolution. I see people, myself included, year after year make resolutions and they fall through the cracks January 10th. I’m over creating false change. I’ve learned from the blessings of 2014 that true change derives from realistic goal setting, action behind those goals, prayer, faith, and the belief that those goals will come to pass. I’m grateful to have arrived at this conclusion and be in this space. I won’t look back at what was or say what I should have accomplished.

Life Coach and Speaker, Ebony Combs
Make 2015 your BEST!

My first chapter is to commit to living each day as though it’s my last, celebrate my victories, love like I’ve never loved before, put me first, and learn from my mistakes while dancing in the rain. Although life’s lessons can be tough at times, I’m blessed to have them because I’m better and learn so much about my resilience and the truth of others. I no longer look to the opinions of others and how I live my life; I seek God. I’m comfortable with my purpose, now. Crazy how my purpose (sharing my journey as a single mom and empower others) made me so uncomfortable at first. My purpose has required me to be transparent and exposed to the opinions of others and society’s measuring stick. It hasn’t been easy being so open and vulnerable with my story, but it’s taught me how to love myself deeper, live unapologetic, know that trouble doesn’t last always, and be grateful for the storms because the rainbows are so beautiful. I’m excited about 2015, as it will bring some awesome things for my family, community, and me. I can’t tell you what those things are but I do know the best is yet to come. I’ll for sure dance in the rain with my mouth wide open tasting the raindrops!

Stay Optimistic and Love
Enjoy, Sunshine!

I encourage you to dream big and laugh at the naysayers. If your dream doesn’t scare you, you aren’t dreaming big enough—stretch yourself and believe. Do you have any idea on how many told me I couldn’t be this or that? Learn to love, forgive, respect, and practice kindness. It’s a daily practice for me, one I strive to perfect until the last days of my life. Is it a challenge at times? Heck YES! I’ll tell you that the days I don’t carry this recipe with me and eat a nice spoonful, I don’t feel so well. It’s almost like when you stick your hand in the cookie jar as a kid and mom closes the cookie jar as you are snatching your hand out. Nothing will make you forget that sting you feel when the top of the jar catches your hand on the way out-a tough love lesson. That sting stays a while after the actual incident. I have to remind myself the sting will eventually go away, but had I just kept my hand out of that jar I wouldn’t have issues with that discomfort. It’s just better to be the bigger person and learn to love no matter what. Forgiveness is a powerful thing but not always easy. I’ve learned that loving from a distance brings peace in the midst of chaos. Staying true to my Christina roots, I will always remain open to reconciliation and pray for those who have wronged me and continue to. 2015 will be full of peace and prosperity for the Combs-Robinson family. I love God for his blessings he’s already given us and what’s to come. I’m humbled by his grace and mercy. I’ve come so far from where I started from.

What’s your reflections and desires for 2015? What will you put into practice and have a daily spoonful of? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Welcome to Chapter 1…buckle up!


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