In order to 2015 to be a year for the record books, I’ve got to do some things that I’ve never done before, to get some things that I’ve never had. I’m currently working on my own self-help book for single moms, and this podcast is just the tip of the iceberg in sharing my story.

My time with Kenneth Allen Morris was time well spent. He and I had such a connection and genuine understanding of one another’s world. I’m honored that he would ask me to share my story. Here’s more on the Dumb Teacher Podcast with Kenneth, per their website:

The Dumb Teacher Podcast
I interview entrepreneurs and discuss branding and personal brand development. We also talk about passive income, lifestyle design and creating value for the people you serve. In current episodes we mention social media, YouTube, outsourcing, affiliate marketing, wholesaling, startups, branding, experimentation, and improvisation. If you like Tim Ferriss, you’ll like The Dumb Teacher. Guests include Simon Dude Granner John Lee Dumas, Tim Forrest, Jonny Nastor, and Ryan O’Keefe.

Listen to my interview here:

What story do you have inside of you waiting to be birthed? Will your story heal someone else? Do you believe your experience was just for you? If you’ve honestly answered these questions, it’s time to get your story out there. You withholding your story from the world is like a doctor withholding the medicine to heal you–it’s just not what he’s called to do! Get it out, NOW!

Tell me about your story in the comments and it may just be one we highlight on our site. No worries, we will let you know we are sharing it first but know all comments shared below are public information.


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