All 4 are important but #2 is a mouthful!

Business is not about your feelings so get out of them. I recognize business isn’t for everybody and definitely not entrepreneurship.

Questions? Just ask, you may not care for the response but it’s that persons perspective and at least you know where they stand. Eliminate gray  areas. Count your blessings that someone respects you enough to be honest.

Business is NOT high school, if you don’t have the maturity to conduct yourself accordingly get out of business. This is not a popularity contest nor is it for the weak at heart.

What you do behind ones back always gets back to them even when they don’t acknowledge it, they know what you said because you can’t even trust who you told it to. Zero confidentiality! Guess what, the person you’re gossiping with won’t do business with you either. As my Grandma would say, “You can’t hold water” and they know it – you confirmed it.

Stop being petty. PERIOD!

Not one savvy business person respects passive aggressive behavior. Respect is in you being able to chew on the very truth someone gifts you with, not in the lies you want the to tell you or you decided to tell someone else. Say what you mean and mean what you say to that person or group of people DIRECTLY!

That’s all for now. Thanks @jotinab for this meme, it’s so relevant!

For more katch my scope: “Snitches Get Stitches – Keep Yo Mouth Shut” by heading to

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