Are you ready for a #SHIFT? 

Shift (verb) To change direction or move from one person, or place to another.

Where do I go from here?
How can I move out of the rut I’m in?
Why can’t I get ahead?

If you’ve asked yourself any of those questions it’s your time.

Nikki Woods introduces her new book Shift: Twenty women’s stories of strength, courage and succeeding against the odds. 

In my chapter, “The Voice and Learning to Roam Free, ” I’ll talk finding your voice, merging profession and passion, power and entrepreneurial growth. Here’s a sneak peek…

“I was broken and hadn’t the slightest clue how to break free—like I was walking while shackled, with my eyes closed. To accommodate those around me, I became very docile, timid, and introverted; all polar opposite of who I knew to be true. There was zero authenticity to who I was, as if I were a caged animal subjected to the zookeeper’s small mind and hatred. My parents raised me to be sure of myself, my talent, skills, and education. They’d always emphasized the power in education and perfecting your craft.  I repeatedly avoided looking in the mirror because the person who stared back at me was unrecognizable and I hated her. “

Make That Move!

Emotional Shift: Transitioning from hurt and grief to hope and inner peace

Professional Shift: Merging passion, power and entrepreneurial growth

Mindset Shift:  Using self-awareness to develop empowerment and authenticity for serving on purpose

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For the most honest, relatable, inspiring conversations you’ll ever find from women who have been where you’ve been are going where you want to go.

SHIFT the book and the free email course, 10 Days to Making a Shift provide all the tools you need for when life’s inevitable roadblocks get in your way.

Don’t let divorce, health challenges, job dissatisfaction, low self- esteem, bankruptcy or abuse turn you upside down and spiraling toward self-destruction.  SHIFT!

You can’t afford to wait another day.

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A #Shift is coming.  Will you be ready?


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