I would be remiss, if i didn’t pay homage to the man who boldly stood before us, adamant about it being okay to dream. A man who showed us that with faith all things are possible. A man who allowed us to watch his kindness unfold. A man who dared to dream and because of him our community believes in the impossible. We fight each day for equality, love, peace, and perspective. A perspective that views us as conquerors, not the enemy. A perspective that allows our children to believe in what others deem impossible and to walk each day in possibilities.

I have been inspired by Dr. MLK, Jr., since I first heard is infamous, ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.

His speech resonates with the dreamers of the world, and what better day to pay homage to such an American hero than today. In June 2014, my dreams came true also. I was blessed with an opportunity to become one of six women who would represent Procter & Gamble’s, My Black Is Beautiful community as an Ambassador.

This opportunity has open doors that I could not have imagined and taken me places that I could have only dreamt of going. This is only the beginning. My mission is to encourage the little girls who look like me; the women with kinky, curly, big hips and lips; and the single mother who dares to dream. I challenge you to step out on faith and exercise your ability to write the vision and allow God to make it plain. All it takes is a mustard seed, and I’m living witness that when you have faith in the possibilities of life, the impossible doesn’t seem all that out of reach anymore. I won a national campaign, early in my career as a blogger, writer, and single moms coach. If I can do it, you can to!

Dare to Dream!

What’s on the inside of you that you have yet to birth? Sound of below and let’s support one another’s mission of dreams.

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