I chose iamebony because that’s the ONLY person I know to be. I didn’t grasps this until I began to look in the mirror with my life coach, J Dianne Tribble, during an exercise and was hit with this epiphany´╗┐. I’ve got this colorful, vivacious, curvy and strong woman with her hand in front of her of her face; signifying that you can be as colorful as life allows you to be, daring to be beautiful from the inside out, yet you must always be willing to look in the mirror at the things that once held you back or are currently holding you back. Life will inevitably knock you down, but how will you recover. Will you allow it to keep you down or will you fight like hell to rise above. My goal for iamebony is to serve as a constant reminder of what living with integrity and the power of a changed mind can do. I want EVERY single mom and woman to understand that you must learn to be YOU and embrace every single ounce of your being. It’s okay if you don’t get it exactly right in the beginning, but pick up a mirror and face your failures so they may be turned to triumphs. A nice first step is to forgive yourself and others. When we release ill feelings, life becomes so much sweeter. Know that not one single soul can beat you being YOU! With that said, I am Ebony. And you are?

Are you ready to see yourself Naked? #SeeYourselfNaked

When is the last time you thanked your village for loving you and designing your purpose logo? Yes, we all have a logo and its up to us to bring it to fruition; your brand depends on it. How will you represent yourself? Work on designing your logo and conceptualizing your brand. Is it a brand that will bless others or are you sucking the life out of others with your negativity. If it’s the latter, well get to rebranding.

Since I’ve rebranded, I’ve had the ability to spread my wings and be who I was purposed to be; one thing is serving you, the single mom and woman.

I wrote an acceptance speech to shout out my village and it goes a little something like this:

I am so grateful for all of your support, love, and wisdom. I would be until this time next year naming the countless people who have been partners in my journey so I’ll simply say, I’m grateful for those who have pushed me; both to be the very best me and for those who have pushed me down. I am grateful for those who counted me out; know this is not about you, but for me to prove to myself that I am what God says I am. I am grateful for my parents for their high expectations and for setting the bar so high that I’ve needed a ladder and Jesus to reach them. LOL My Dad is the reason I opted out of the military. His love for me was so strong that he pushed me to the limit. I have achieved so much because of my Mother’s ‘don’t you dare quit’ attitude. They have helped build my strength. I’m grateful that they loved me, even when I wasn’t lovable and have allowed me to spread my wings and be ME. There support allows me to breathe fresh air and explore my purpose. Well, then there’s my sister/BFF. There’s no words to describe how my heart beats for her and how her pep talks have pushed me to soar. She’s believed in my dream, without question, since I first mentioned it to her. She always encouraged me to finish school and rewarded me with Diamonds at both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree graduations. She will reap what she has sown in a major way. My dream is hers and hers is mine.

It’s a pleasure to take you along with me on my journey, as I’m certain as we walk together, you will soon find your own path. It’s time to change what we think of ourselves, and what we allow others to view of us; who cares what they think! We mustn’t let them SEE what they believe to be true. Write your own story and explore your own dreams. Don’t spend life making everyone else’s come true.

I look forward to your success and celebrating your brand.



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