I have so many butterflies, thinking about this website launch. Please someone pinch me. Is this truly happening? When you believe in the impossible, countless endeavors are made possible. I finally discovered the power in living by example for my daughter. I couldn’t preach the importance of being whatever you want to be, knowing I had yet to exercise such faith. Today, I conquer that fear and it feels pretty darn good. Crazy, that I’m doing this for me, but no not really for me, for countless woman, single moms, and girls who have been told otherwise. Ladies, I want you to experience these same butterflies in the pit of your stomach. I want you to cry the tears of joy that only accomplishing what you even thought was impossible, can do for you.

I can now truly look my daughter in the eye and tell her, Zari, I not only gave birth to you on this day 7 years ago but today, I give birth to my purpose. The labor was long, the contractions were strong, but when the Anesthesiologist (God) was right on time with my epidural: peace, comfort, joy in the time of sorrow, hope for tomorrow, forgiveness, and unconditional love. I birthed a beautiful baby that Daddy (Jesus) helped me name, my precious Purpose. She is truly a gift from God and her existence in this world gives others pure joy and peace. I am elated to have her. It was a tough pregnancy, but well worth the wait.

What are you pregnant with today? Will you give birth to something so beautiful it’ll bless all of those it comes in contact with?

You better birth those babies and quit being selfish. Practice Kindness.


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