9 pm, June 17th will forever be etched in the minds and hearts of the black community, especially the families of the nine victims subjected to such a heinous act. My heart aches for the children of Senator, Pastor Clementa Pinckney,41, days before Father’s Day having suffered such a monumental loss. The babies have lost a father, well before he has been a servant to his constituents or congregation. My heart aches for every black child who now will have a sense of insecurity when stepping foot inside the church because of the confusion this dastardly act has caused them. I am devastated for the black community who has been subjected to living in a world that lacks love time and time again. When will it stop? We can’t even go to church now?

I can’t bring myself to call this murderer a human – only word that comes to mind is CREATURE!

Who does this CREATURE belong to? I want to know more. Don’t you?

You mean to tell me he sat with the very people he murdered for a whole hour? As they prayed, he preyed. You are that numb to humanity that you murder innocent people in the middle of them praying? Seriously? Depraved.

And does that mushroom haircut truly belong to Mr. Dylann Roof or is that a wig? Smh At 21, what is so bad that you became this hateful?

Dylann Roof, 21, of Lexington, South Carolina has been CAPTURED in Shelby, North Carolina.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So, is it still called backsliding if one is too afraid to go?

And don’t be on here with a SUPER  Christian mentality with the blanket statement, “just pray about it,” we are talking about HUMANS with REAL feelings. Let’s have a REAL life conversation.

THINGS TO PONDER: How do you think the child who played dead will feel the next time it’s time to  go to church? PTSD is real.

Here’s a photo of Sen. Pinckney’s desk in Senate chambers provided by Senate Democrats. #chsnews #CharlestonShooting pic.twitter.com/m5QijGQwuP

— CS Tyson (@SamInteractive) June 18, 2015

What do you recommend for people in CONJUNCTION with prayer?

What type of support can we lend and what changes will the Black church have to make now to ensure their members are safe?

I can’t imagine armed security guards or ‘packing’ preachers. I suppose there will be no more receiving lines at the Black church and no more face-to-face contact with the pastor. Are we working our way towards metal detectors in the church?

Our pastors are called to serve, how does one serve on high alert? I can’t say I’m opposed to them putting on the armor of God and Smith & Wesson.

Who’s the real thug now?

Thoughts? Comment away.

#HateCrime #Disgusted #AllLivesMatter #WeCantEvenGoToChurch #SeeYourselfNaked

XOXO, Ebony

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