Meet Aprille Franks-Hunt, CEO of Women Recharged, the rawest tell-it-like-it is Coach I’ve ever met. I thought I was tough, but I’m pretty sure she has me beat. I’ve learned a ton from her because of her tough love. There’s absolutely no hand holding or swaddling when it comes to her and her clients. Her Facebook posts are raw and uncut; they put cable to shame (no, not vulgar but in your face truth). One inn particular resonated with me.

Aprille is damn good at what she does and is selfish in doing it. I’ve mimicked a lot of what she does and strive each day to be better than the day before! I soak up every ounce of what she has to offer; at times sacrificing financially just to have a seat at the table with her. I want to be the living proof that when you pour your heart and soul into a client, here’s the tangible results. You end up creating a world of selfless people who want no more than to see others win!  She’s my motivation for being better and giving more to this business, or what I know as my purpose. When you give unselfishly to a cause, you reap unselfishly. 


Well, back to this post… It was regarding coaches who limit what they teach their clients; in fear of the client surpassing them in their business. Basically, clients beating them at their own game, but can you truly do that? I mean what’s meant for you is yours, right?

I have no earthly idea why you’d fear a student being better than you. After all, isn’t that what you coach people for? We are here to develop successful brands and people. We’re here to build men and women, in my case single moms, who are productive and proactive with their purpose.  If you want those you pour into to result in mediocrity, then what does that say about you? Your students are a direct reflection of your teaching and you’re in the wrong line of business. I’d suggest a mirror check to ensure you are living right and are in it for the right reasons. The money will come when your heart’s in the right place.  If you’re teaching mediocrity and operating in fear, please stand up NOW!  I’ll be sure to run the other direction and not refer a soul that I love your way! I mean anyone I even care an ounce about. You’re wrong and need to stop it!


Here’s my short response:

The way my purpose is set up, no matter what I teach clients, can’t nobody beat me being ME! There are blessing with just my name on it. Yeah that’s right, just for little old Ebony. So fear for what!?

At the end of the day, HE got me! That’s who I trust and will continue to trust. You can’t steal what’s mine and I want the single moms I coach to be B.A.D. (Beautiful AND Determined)! Hello lights and walls.

How do you feel about coaches with this mentality?

Have you come across a coach like this?

Were you ever coaching in this space? If so, why and what made you change?

Sound off in the comments section.
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