I was challenged by my coach, Aprille Franks-Hunt, to do a video each day…Yes, you read that right-a freakin’ video each day! YIKES is right. You mean to tell me I have to ‘put on’ everyday? Well, that’s the misconception you don’t want to see the rehearsed and polished tv personality, you want the authentic truth, unapologetic version of me and that’s what you’re going to get. Some days you’ll see me with no makeup, hair pulled back in a ponytail, or chillin’ at home with my kiddo.

Because I’m a woman who’s always up for a good challenge, I’m all in but with your growth in mind. This push is essentially God recognizing his child always needs that extra push and to get out of her comfort zone. In this season I’m learning to get comfortable being uncomfortable. So here we go.

youtube channel art

From this challenge B.A.R.E. TV has been birthed. Allow me to be transparent with you for a moment because what kind of hypocrite would I be, if I didn’t get naked myself after asking you, “are you ready to see yourself naked?” Exactly! With this challenge, I’ve decided to bring you the “How to for YOU!” series. We will discuss how you will stop allowing others to hinder you whether it be hindering your career choice, love interest, passion, makeup you wear or don’t wear, the style of your hair, etc. The point of it all is for you to begin living for YOU and color the outside the lines, better known as the constraints of others and their damn opinions. Aren’t you tired of that? Well, I’m surely going to help you go forth in your greatness and be the woman you were designed to be. Nope, this won’t be your traditional classroom. After all, time with the Naked Professor never is so buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a brand new you. When they start saying you’ve changed just smile and wave baby! Just smile and wave.

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