I can’t help but to reflect on the most recent events surrounding domestic violence–Ray Rice and Stephen A. I touched on this in my earlier blog, “Stephen A. Smith’s Suspension is 5 days longer than Ray Rice’s,” but I’d like to pose a few questions running through my curious mind. You know, the what if’s that everyone wants to ask, but dare not.

  1. How would your Dad have reacted to seeing you humiliated on national tv in the same manner as Janay Palmer, Ray Rice’s then fiancé, now spouse?

  2. How many women are going through this very thing, but because their significant other isn’t well-known, their cries for help are unheard? Does society even care about the everyday woman?

  3. Do you think the same ridicule would be handed down if it were reversed–woman on man? There are rare occasions that a woman out powers her man and abuses him, not sure about dragging him… Would society really care? I’m not so sure. Most men won’t voice their troubles of abuse.

  4. Do you have siblings, more particularly brothers? Do you think they would have sat back and let the judicial system ‘take care of things?’

  5. What are your thoughts on Domestic Violence in Hollywood? …Chris Brown v. Rhianna, Ray Rice v. Janay Palmer, Columbus Short v. Mrs. Short, Keyshawn Johnson v. Girlfriend, etc.
    Have these men been given a pass because of who they are or does their level of celebrity weigh in?

  6. Can abuser really be reformed or once an abuser, always an abuser? I’m curious to know how holidays and dinners will be in the Rice home when the in-laws come to visit. I’m certain that’s an interesting chain of events, or has it even happened? Will it happen?

Bottom line, love doesn’t come in the form of a fist, beating, spitting, dehumanizing, etc. Let’s wise up and make sure we aren’t the next victim of domestic violence. Let us not pass judgment on its victims because it could easily be us.

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