Let’s start with a well-deserved, standing ovation for Jennifer Hobson Productions!

I’ve had an enlightening 2 days with the JHP team and network of friends. From Thursday’s, “I’m a Survivor” Symposium to Saturday’s, Fire and Ice Tres: Fashion Show and Concert, JH Productions has left me with jaws dropped and ignited a fire within me to do more ‘partying’ with purpose; more than ever before.

Let’s Talk Thursday’s Dinner Date

Jennifer Hobson
Jennifer Hobson

I had the pleasure of meeting 4 very distinguished women:

Jordi Bostock, Author of Single on Purpose

Dianne Samoff, Executive Director of Society of Women Who Love Shoes™

Jennifer Hobson, CEO of Jennifer Hobson Productions

Tristen Paige, Executive Director of Turning Paiges and Saved and Sexy

This foursome poured into the women of Family Place, an organization that “empowers victims of family violence by providing safe housing, counseling and skills that create independence while building community engagement and advocating for social change to stop family violence.” The ladies shared their stories of survival and success while we enjoyed a specialty salad.


They each had a very distinctive approach in sharing their stories with the women. Jennifer opened up the panel with a more naked and inspirational approach that was full of emotion: tears, trembles as she spoke of the darker times in her journey, and smiles when she spoke of the triumphs; Dianne shared from a place of encouragement through her story big sister approach. She was having a candid conversation with her little sisters, you know the let’s sit down and get real on the harsh realities of life; while Jordi (Education) shared her story from a tough love meets compassion-her conversation was no holds barred and very much so needed; and the panel closed with Tristen (bringing a healing perspective), via skype, sharing her testimony of losing herself and finding a brand new woman full of strength and renewed through Christ. The eclectic presentation was an ironclad way to reach and teach each woman in the room, and it did. Their collective stories let the women of Family Place know that they were not alone in their story and that love does not hurt.

Photo Courtesy of  Sarahi Martinez Photography
Photo Courtesy of Sarahi Martinez Photography

You heard stories of hiding under a vehicle to escape the mental and physical torment from men they once loved; some of which vowed to protect and love them as their husbands. The ladies later found that they were the only ones who’d taken their vows seriously and their husbands neglected to honor the part where it speaks to loving your wife and honoring her as Christ loves the church. Nevertheless, you heard of stories of liberation through a two-story home window, constant private torment and public love, ‘yes men’, nearly fatal drownings, abuse during pregnancy, isolation from friends and family, and complete humiliation. You’d never know behind some of those flawless smiles and natural beauty lied a woman with such vigor and perseverance. I was honored to be in the same room with them. They helped me put my life in perspective and that of honoring other women with support and an outlet to express themselves. It confirmed for me that my gift of empowering women through my own journey shouldn’t be taken for granted and that I was on the right path. It takes a lot to sit in front of other, particularly women, and share our raw truth. Sometimes the raw truth isn’t so glamorous for a woman so beautiful on the outside. It’s difficult for us to share how ugly our inside once was, but is now stronger and more beautiful because of it. These women have mastered the gift of naked love-the art of living life in the nude.

Dinner Date with JHP

As a survivor of domestic violence, verbal but nonetheless abuse, I was moved by the journey each woman had gone through to be seated before a room of women who were striving each day to improve their quality of life and attain great things. One of the ladies in particular, Ms. Christina Blunt, Designer and Blogger of Polished Brand debuted her line, Mommy & Me at the Fire and Ice Tres, Fashion Show and Concert’s 2pm showing. She’s a fine talent and her story of survival is phenomenal. She shed tears as Jennifer shared with her the opportunities that lied ahead for her and that some important people were watching her and her work. You could see her rainbow at the end of her storm and it was oozing out beautiful colors that she could finally see come to fruition. In that moment, she recognized her turmoil had turned to triumph; no matter how challenging for she and her babies, it was all worth it. This woman is destined for greatness. Mark my words.

All and all, through the tears, laughter, girl talk, and beauty tips from Elizabeth Gormly De Moraes of Spa With Eli, we had a fabulous night honoring women who have fought so hard to see another day and have made the most out of life. We stand with them and against each and every woman suffering or who has suffered from the senselessness of domestic violence. Ladies, you absolutely rock and are loving your naked selves!

And that’s my take!



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