“Take two of these and call me in the morning”—Dr. Gladney, affectionately known as, Dr. G., is Author of the self-help book, “If You’re In the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost?: A Roadmap to an Amazing Life” the ultimate life management guide. I had the opportunity of having a heart-to-heart with Dr. G—and the conversation left me close to tears, good ones that is. Her radiant, gentle spirit shined through the phone line. I am a firm believer in divine relationships and timing, in general, finding that those of us who live on purpose will inevitably meet one day and share our journeys with one another. Dr. G., and I did just that. This dynamic woman is known for being the Emotional Wellness Doctor, Trainer, Author, Speaker, and healer of women around the globe. She’s CEO of her company, Emotional Wellness. She’s been featured in countless publications and worked with several Fortune 500 companies such as, ATT, Freddie Mac, IBM, the U.S. Department of Defense, etc. She earned several accolades in her career and serves as media expert—reaching over 22 million viewers. She is the proud mother of four exceptionally beautiful, accomplished children. If you’re looking to manage your day-to-day stress, anxiety, and financial and emotional health, Dr. G. is the woman to talk to. How did the world come to know you as Dr. G?

Dr. G: Four years ago we changed it from Dr. Gladney to Dr. G., because it was a little more informal and friendly—a little bit more playful than Dr. Gladney. The world started to know me as Dr. Gladney when I graduated with my PH.D., in Instructional Psychology and Technology—I decided to do things a little different and not just teach at the University. I already had my own business, but I switched over my business model and started to do more speaking, do more writing, and things that was more focused in my area. Then took up the mantle of emotional wellness—people run from mental health, counseling, therapy, all of that. As the emotional wellness doctor, I found that everybody wants to have emotional health and wellness. I just tried to soften it up and make it something that was warm and inviting. Let’s talk confidence. How did life become sweet for you?

Dr. G: I have no qualms about who I am or what I’m here for, I don’t even care about what anybody thinks. Have you found that people are more receptive to Dr. G. versus Dr. Gladney?

Dr. G: Yes they are—people like that! I’m a playful person so it depends on who I’m talking to. They’ll ask what does the G stand for—I’ll list off a long list of things, various adjectives: Godly, Gorgeous, so many things with G. People love it! It’s very inviting and it does say something about my personality. You are a mom of four. Were you married when you had your children or have you had to experience being a single mom?

Dr. G: Yes, Absolutely. I was married for twenty-three and a half years and I have been a single mother now for the last five years. I started out with the fantasy life that we all strive for and then ended up being a single mom, which I never remotely ever thought or dreamed that I would ever be—a single mom of four. I’ve been in the zone for a while and now it’s just what life is; a way of life. When you say you’ve been a single mom and in the zone for five years now, I hear something there and it’s something that I used to tell myself. I hear the negative connotation that comes with that. Was it a struggle for you to transition from being a married family woman to a single mom? Was it the negative connotation that comes with being a single mom or was it the mere fact that you were now on your own?

Dr. G: I think it was a bit of both. Obviously, it’s the frustration of never having that on my vision board. I grew up with a single mother—I didn’t grow up with my father. I never wanted that kind of life.
It was the transition of WOW—look at you, you’re now one of the stats, but in a different way. Of course, we do know statistics that come with being a single mother usually are all negative; there aren’t a lot of positive statistics out there. I’m a numbers person and focus on research. I took a look at the lifestyle of your children drop significantly and in the African American community 70% of households are single moms. I just didn’t want to be a statistic in a negative category, but I had to accept that. It was the fact of you’re doing this on your own and oh my God how does this work. I saw my Mother do it and we were good and fine; I just didn’t know what it [single motherhood] all looked like and the feeling to having to adjust to that was overwhelming at times. Everything was on me—it just put me into a furry at first because it’s just not fair. I kept saying, men get to do it however they want to do it and it all falls on us. I was the not fair banner for a minute, but I had to come down because it was fueled with my emotions and I’m the emotional wellness doctor. It was fueled with what he was not doing. I had to go through a lot, in terms of my thoughts, and redirecting what this meant for me and what my journey was going to be now. [Evaluating] What was my message to people and what that looks like. Let’s talk about the resilience of a Mother for a moment. What are your thoughts?

Dr. G: The mother bears the brunt of life raising the children, doing what needs to be done. For most women, our internal instincts kick in and we just do what we have to do—whatever that looks like, whatever that means for everybody; we do what we have to do! It’s this determination that I had to reach deep down inside. We all have moments of frustration. Can you speak to how you or those facing frustrating moments should overcome them?

Dr. G: Get counseling, as a doctor I know how important that is. Focus on different outlets and different people to talk to that bring a sense of stability to [your] thoughts and help to redirect them. Because when you’re in the picture you can’t see the picture, that’s what I teach all of my clients. Have people on the outside so that you can be emotional healthy for yourself. A lot of prayer and all of that of course, but even in prayer—I’m a realist. Even in prayer sometimes you don’t’ feel like God is hearing you or talking to you so you’re not getting a sense of peace there. It’s important to get counseling or have mentors, whatever you want to call them. Make sure those people are going to direct you; not those who are going to fuel [negativity] on the fire. Bring positive people in your space. What’s your biggest success story?

Dr. G: My children. My youngest is 15. I’m not at the level I could be in my business because I chose to keep a home office so I could be here for my children. One of my children for six or seven years, was back and forth to the hospital—taking care of her physically, emotional, and psychologically [was priority]. I look at my children and say, no my company is not where it could have been, my this, my that; it would have been at the sacrifice of my children. For me, I keep myself grounded and understanding what is really important in life no matter the struggles. I can look at these four people and say you are some really good people, I’ve done the very best I can do with you, and have been here for you. So, I consider them my greatest success. It’s such an honor and privilege to be their mother. I absolutely love being their mother, they bring me so much joy. I am so proud of all of them. What advice would you give a mom in feeding her entrepreneurial spirit?

Dr. G: WOW! Get it started. It is an itch and a burning desire that lives inside of you. If you do not start to act upon it, you will start to resent your children and everything else. Get started in any small way, doing something on the side. You have to understand that our purpose here in life is bigger than our children. It is not about our children. Our children are our obligation because we make a choice to have them—they are not your purpose. You have to know and understand that while you’re doing the best you can in raising them, your core reason for being here extends far beyond that. You have to be working on life outside of your children—whatever that is, get started even if it is 5 hours a week. You won’t be happy, if you don’t. It helps keep you emotionally balanced because you need to know that you’re making a difference, outside of your family. We all need to know that. What made you start your own business and know it was going to work?

Dr. G: I started my own business in 1990 as a school teacher. I taught for 4 years and knew I was onto something then. One of my fellow teachers, the one next door, he’d been teaching 20+ years, I was absent the day before and when I came back he came storming into my classroom. He said, I don’t know what you’re doing but I’m feeling angry because yesterday when you were gone your students acted better than mine and I was here! I’ve been teaching for twenty-something years. Whatever you are doing, you have to share it with us. That’s when I knew that I had something. I knew the principals and everybody would send the ‘bad’ kids to me and I didn’t have any problems. I knew all these things, but he said you have to teach us, we need help. I created a discipline program and started training teachers. When I started getting calls for help; I knew that I couldn’t any longer be in the classroom and I had to stretch my wings and fly higher—so I did. I trained the teachers. I was in elementary education at the time. I was touching 35 kids. If I train the teacher, I saw how that would multiply exponentially. I would touch them and they touch their kids. I jumped out and I ran and never looked back. I’ve been out on my own ever since. I knew I was onto something because I had a solution to a problem. What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects you’d like everyone to know about?

Dr. G: We are getting the calendar for 2015 together, but what is next is I will be on the New York Times Best Seller List [claiming it in advance]. I need everyone purchasing If You’re In the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost?: A Roadmap to an Amazing Life, talking about the book, letting it make a change in their lives. It’s all about you doing the work and changing your life, and when you can change your life—it changes other people’s life. This is definitely for the single mothers. The first chapter starts with my divorce and finding myself a single mother. The journey. There will be so much connectivity that people will see and understand as they read the book. It helps build people and help them create an amazing life. It’s a life manual that everybody should have. You can go to Creating Amazing Lives, sign up, and get success tools—free things that I have.

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