There’s nothing better than having a partner you can build with. Many times with relationships people talk about falling in love with your best friend, continuing to date long after the wedding, and open communication. Well, don’t get me wrong all of those are key elements to an ironclad relationship, but where are the talks about building an empire together? No, I don’t mean the Fox Networks hit show! I mean building the life you want and truly partnering to get those coins.

The One He Kept For Me...

I believe when you can establish something great together, it takes the pressure off of one partner over the other. Okay, so you say his careers isn’t my cup of tea or her career is just way too complicated. Look, stop with the excuses! After all I’m a woman who’s doing life with a man who’s an engineer, technical publications writer, airforce veteran, and a seasoned know it all! *insert uncontrollable giggles. You have to find something you both have in common that will earn your home another revenue stream and set you up for financial freedom. Try exploring real estate-flip a house or two, get rental property, or buy some land. It can be done.

I’m grateful to have a partner who I can do more than “California dream” with, a partner who is selfless with his knowledge, and patient enough to teach me things I have no clue about. I’m also grateful I have been given the wisdom to appreciate him being 10 steps ahead of me and not allowing his growth to intimidate me-I’m strong in my own right. I teach him new things daily, just as he exposes me to new things too. We’ve got a good thing going and if you can’t be intentional in success with your partner, you’ve got the wrong one. Don’t misconstrue the message I’m delivering to you today, I don’t mean if he doesn’t support your dream then he’s worthless. Did you catch the part about it being your dream? Every dream won’t garner the support of those you love, but they’ll love you anyway because they see it makes you happy. Please try and not mix the two up-thats a blog for an entirely different day and time.


Challenge: Sit down with your partner and brainstorm various ways you can build an empire together. Come up with your top 2 and start making strides towards enacting them right away. I want to hear from you on ways you’ve partnered with your partner or your top way you plan to! Sound off in the comment section below.

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