How many times have you spoke, “I’m the strong one who’s used to helping others no one ever asks if I need help?”

Demi and Her Amazing Daughter motivating women

I’ve done it a ton of times. What some don’t realize is that even those who are accustomed to encouraging often need encouragement themselves. It’s a draining process to consistently be the ‘fixer’ in the lives of others and struggle to ‘fix’ you too. Yes, I said what most are thinking but aren’t transparent enough to say. I enjoy the gift God has given to me and my purpose is blessed. I’m encouraged to have an Aunt who I confide in and who prays for me. Her words are heaven sent and I’m blessed that God speaks to me through her. I’m in in a judgment free zone when speaking to her. My role on this Earth is one that commands selflessness and obedience, for that you’ll get no complaints. 

Speaking at the Pretty Hurts Young Girls Conference

My charge to you is to think of the people in your life who seem so very resilient (make a list of 5-one for each day of the work-week); and check on them every once in a while, not to ask for anything or ‘dump’ on them, but to simply ask, “how are you today? ” You’ll be surprised what such a small gesture will do for them. You may be providing the recharge they need. It’s up to us to take care of and love one another. Make a conscience effort to understand that your encourager is called by our Creator to do a great work here on Earth. You know how challenging it was to always follow the rules and be obedient to authority (don’t act brand new!), find it in your heart to exercise empathy. It wasn’t a thoughtless process that your encourager accepted their ‘calling.’

Empowerment Hour with Lisa Nichols

Here’s to the encouragers around the universe, those who have accepted and those who are still toying with being obedient. I’ve found that my obedience to my purpose has given me a full life, even with the exhaustive moments. I enjoy what I do and I know I have the big man to keep me protected and at peace. I know you grow weary, at times,  but smile knowing you are a game changer; in a position most run from. Smile knowing he chose you as a special messenger right here on Earth. I’m proud of you and encouraged by you.

Blessings & OXOX,

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