I cannot describe to you the emotions that ensued during my recent stop on my journey to greatness. I can describe that, going forward, I no longer apologize for being a giant in this thing called life. The last 6 days helped me to realize just how small I was really living and thinking.

I had the pleasure of being elbow to elbow with icons, people I’d admired for years, particularly Lisa Nichols. She has been so inspirational to me for years and to sit in a room and soak up all of her wisdom is indescribable. Admiring her from afar just doesn’t do her beautiful soul justice. I will never be the same after what I just experienced in her presence. She is such a calming and humble force. I am grateful to have been chosen by our Creator, to cross paths with her and learn from her. I practiced the gift of listening and was a student of her every word; not because I was left speechless by her presence, but because I was captivated by her wisdom. I took notes on greatness and becoming my best self, inside and out.

I am motivated to pour into my community, one woman and one girl at a time. The fire has been ignited and I’m ready to carry the torch in this empowerment race. We’ve lost so many great warriors, from Maya Angelou Ruby Dee, it’s time our generation step up to the plate and become the living examples we know our ancestors require us to be. Our community depends on it.

Who motivates to be and do better? Do they know you inspire them? If not, CALL them don’t text. You have time to say thank you. If they’ve truly motivated you, a text message won’t do your gratitude justice. Greatness isn’t lackadaisical. Do you part to pour into them too. The encourager, often needs encouragement. Be encouraged.

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