Jori and I, We like to eat!

Jorian and I were discussing narrowring down our favorite food, but struggled with coming up with one. She said, “Girl, I just like to eat!” We busted out laughing.  While I have a few staples that my tummy loves, I can’t narrow it down to one. I can say without wavering that I’m in love with my Mom’s cooking and nothing compares. In fact, I acquired my kitchen skills from her,  the best!  I’m working on getting her to open a restaurant or write a cookbook, although she ain’t feelin’ sharing her recipes! Lol

I have a girlfriend in town now and I’ve always been taught to be hospitable to the guest in my home, but most importantly feed them. I’ve been on the run between helping marry off my best friend to starting my business and keeping up with my blog. It’s tough work y’all but I’d do it a million times over to keep my peaceful space. I love blogging and inviting you all into my world. My passion is people and the betterment of.

Now back to my girlfriend in town from Cleveland.  She’s an on-air personality,  something like a big deal,  but she’s little sis to me. Her crazy spunk for life had me busting a gut since she touched down in Dallas. Since college, I’ve been known to “throw down” in the kitchen; often hosting dinners at my place for my friends. Nothing has changed since college, in fact I’ve perfected my skills. When picking her up from the airport that’s the first thing she asked, “you cookin’?” (Her voice is hilarious because she constantly sounds like she’s doing a drop for radio. )

With all the ripping and running, I’ve had little time to dedicate to the kitchen so I needed something I could whip up quick and still be hospitable.  We aren’t the type to be above a grill cheese sandwich and it’s the first thing that popped up in my head. lol Now I know you’re saying what in the world that ain’t cooking,  but my grilled cheese wasn’t ordinary. I wanted to mix the comforts of our childhood with a gourmet twist. We had grilled cheese with sun dried tomato chicken sausage. It was delish!

What comfort food from your childhood can you put a twist on? Send me your recipes and let’s get it in the kitchen. Don’t forget to properly entertain your guest and enjoy every moment with those you love. It’s the simple things in life that bring about the fondest memories.

Here’s a breakfast meal I whipped up during her visit; omlets and grilled tilapia!



Love and light,
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