I recently asked around, in a Facebook post, about more efficient ways to dictate interviews, write, and run my business, TaJuan Teej RealitytvCoach Mercer and Rochelle D. Carter, were so gracious to selflessly share their software knowldege with me and recommended that I give Dragon and whirl. As many of you know, starting a business on limited funds can be challenging and often discouraging. Since May, my life has been so unrecognizable, but in a good way. I continue to see God’s favor on my life and I’m grateful he chose me and living life on purpose has been absolutely amazing, even with its challenegs. Change is good and I fully embrace his plan for me.


I’ll be naked (transparent) and say I  couldn’t afford Dragon when they recommended it, but instead of allowing it to break my spirit I exercised my faith and said, “it’s not in my budget right now but I believe God to equip me and connect me to receive it one day!” Well,look at God! It is on Groupon for a fraction of the price, one that is possible for me. So, I selflessly share with you a treasure I was gifted with. I am blessed that God saw fit to place these two women directly in my path, in an effort to live my purpose out loud and reach the single moms and women who he sees fit. I’ve prayed for divine connections and provision; while believing it is so!

I’m excited about the future of my business and what this program will do for it. Watch out world a fearless woman is on the loose. Be open to drawing inspiration from the most peculiar places. Who would have pictured me surfing Groupon, would inspire me to count my blessings once more?

I encourage you to exercise your faith and believe God, NOW! Expect the great and believe in the endless possibilities only HE can offer you.

What are you believing him for? Share your thoughts, it may just inspire someone else to believe too!

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Home Edition


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