I’m up,  struggling to pack the perfect pieces for our first event, Essence Festival and look what I came across. I just keep watching it over and over.  It’s so unreal. I’m just an ordinary girl who finally decided to live the extraordinary life designed by my Creator. So many people and circumstances counted me out of the race for greatness, moons ago, but I’ve chosen to get back up from my bruised heart and heal. I refuse to allow life to deplete me of the very joy it didn’t give to me. You should do the same.

So , you ask if I’m done packing?
That would be a no! The struggle is real. My suitcase is too small.

What are ways you are able to efficiently pack and still have variety?  What size suitcase would you use for a 6 day trip with lots of events planned?

I’d love to hear your take on it. Don’t forget to leave your comments after you’re finished watching the video.

Hello, Ladies! The New MBIB Ambassadors: http://youtu.be/oiC1p7A4BTg

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