Well, let’s see do I have the words to even express the way I feel right now? Most definitely, no! All I know for sure is that NOBODY did this but God! I will never be ashamed of the one I serve, who provides for me, who has kept me when no one else has, and who loves me in spite of my flaws. I can’t tell you what this moment has done for me because there are no words describe it. I’m in awe of his goodness. I will tell you that when you are intimate with God and form your own relationship with him while leaning on his word, your eyes are opened to a whole new way of living. I did not get here alone. My Village: Starring Zari NaLynn.

I have a beautiful and spunky daughter, Zari NaLynn, who breathes life into me each and everyday. I look at her and i’m reminded of the miracles God performs on a daily basis. He gave me her, and she gave me my purpose. Without the experience of birthing her and raising her as a single mother, I wouldn’t have the courage to dream so big and trust God to bring those things he promised me in his word to fruition. Mothers I’m a living testimony that we are so much more than society allows us to be. Take the limits off! Your children are gifts, treat them as such. Quit underestimating the wisdom they possess in those small packages.

My parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Combs, they have been the driving force in my resilience, discipline, relationship with God, optimism, willingness to give back to others, and the reason why quitting has never been an option for my life. My Mom and Dad taught me the art of falling and getting back up stronger, without them life would flat out stink. I often joke with people and tell them the reason I opted out of serving our country was because I’d been in boot camp for 17 years with my Dad. He required so much of me and reinforced my will to have a strong work ethic, walk in a room and command presence, and keep my bond with my family sacred. My Mom, well what can I say? She is the reason why I don’t allow bad days to become bad weeks or bad months. I’m so blessed to have an example in front of me who not only talks the talk but walks the walks. If it were not for her, I wouldn’t know what that being different was such a blessing. I’m grateful that I have them both. I’ve been able to chase my dreams because of their love and support for me and my daughter.

My sister, Brandi Lynn, she’s been everything I need to press on. She’s the captain of my cheer squad and believes in her little sister more than the man on the moon! lol She’s clutch and has played a key role in my success and raising my daughter. She’s been there for the late night cries and the belly busting laughter. I vow to pour into her the love she’s poured into me over the years in a major way. My success is not my own.

The love of my life, Mr. B. Robinson, honey I’m so overwhelmed by your love, patience, kindness, and peace you bring to my life. I’m so grateful to have you in my life as my confidant, protector, and heartbeat. You bless Zari and I so much each and everyday that words don’t do your love justice. You have pushed me when I’ve wanted to give up and loved my ‘crazy’ ideas even when you didn’t totally understand them. You’ve allowed me to spread my wings, without putting my soul in a box. I’m so glad I cannot recall life before your love entered it. God knew what I would need for my future and I’m so grateful he gave me you and our daughter such a beautiful Father. Muah

My Best friends, Isie and Rudi, you ladies have been unwavering in your friendship, loyalty, and love for me. I couldn’t have done this without the two of you. You’ve loved me flaws and all and I wouldn’t trade you for the world. We’ve experienced many milestones with one another and I’m grateful for you two being by my side. Thank you for praying with and for me! XOXO

To my hosts of Aunts, Uncles, and cousins, times may not always be picture perfect, but God knew what each of us would need before we were even conceived. I pray he continues to bless each of us and we are humbled by his love and generosity. I pray each of you reach for your dreams, whatever they may be, and press forward while reaching back to help someone else. Let us all not forget how blessed we are to be in a position to bless others.

To those who follow me and are inspired by me, y’all are what makes me waking up each day worth while. I live to inspire you. I pray I am able to bless you in your own way and meet you where you are. Be encouraged and don’t allow anyone to tell you that you’re not good enough. If they do, pray for the them, be all that you can be, and know that with God on your side, life is limitless! You are beautiful inside and out and are empowered. Your black is beautiful! You can be who you are purposed to be, if you just believe. Faith without works is dead! I’m a living witness that dreams do come true when you do your part and trust God to love, lead, and open the doors. He will pour out a blessing that will simply blow your mind. 

So, when you ask how do you feel? Know that it’s so indescribable how amazing life is and how bright my future looks, but I’m ready for the ride. Get ready so you can ride with me. Buckle your seat belts.

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