There’s a misconception surrounding online relationships; many disassociate value when connecting online. There are several key benefits in connecting with other professionals and influencers on line.

Key #1: You establish a global network – people you can tap into when you want to expand your brand in markets where you have little to no influence in.

Key #2:  Those same influencers have viable resources to help your event expand in a major way.

Key #3: You gain access to an audience who otherwise wouldn’t pay you an ounce of attention, all because they “trust” your connection. It’s all about relationship.

Key #4: Many professionals aren’t afraid to share insight and help walk you through a pain point.

Key #5: You find yourself building a virtual family of sorts that will be in your corner more than those you see physically everyday

Key #6: You have the beauty of access – access to persons who wouldn’t give you the time of day face-to-face. Social tends to ease the awkward moments or getting past security that you’d face when attempting to speak to said influencer face-to-face.

Key #7: You have a personal ‘body guard’ called your computer or e-device to not only help you with those first-time meeting jitters but to also protect you from the crazies.

Now it’s your turn to sound off below.

Share your go-to key for establishing online relationships. What benefit do you see in establishing an online network and global family?


XOXO, Ebony

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