I came across a post while surfing my various news boards that really struck a chord with me, and I’m confident it will for you too.

Penny Hardaway Behind The Arc

What lessons can you learn from Penny and incorporate into your relationships?

Could someone call on you in their time of need? Would someone even want to call you in their lowest moments?

Are you a good friend to others?

These are questions we should all ask ourselves.

CHALLENGE: Take 30 minutes to reflect on the type of friend you are to others. Make a list of 5 people in your circle that you call friend. Make it your duty to phone each one of them this week just to say hello and show them you care. You will choose a different person to call each day, Monday through Friday. 

BONUS CHALLENGE: Choose a family member you’d take to brunch on Saturday. Call them and set your ‘I Care For You’ brunch.


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