Periscope is the next big thing for small business and on-air personalities – watch out YouTube!


I recently joined, although I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it but I do know I’m loving it way more than the hustle and bustle of YouTube! Youtube has its perks of course – “SHOW ME THE MONAAAYYY!” I honestly just feel like a major motion picture editor who hasn’t gone to school for it or done an ounce of studying before the final exam…yeah, that lost so I’ve shied away from it. Periscope is in real time and interactive and that’s way better than just gazing into a lense and taking out all the bloopers. I love that it captures the true essence of its presenter – naked and authentic. What you see is what you get on the scope.

Check out this informative blog, “How to Promote Your Live Periscope Events” by Niche Parent @NicheParent –

How do you promote your scopes? Sound off below and enlighten us all.

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XOXO, Ebony

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