Do you struggle with self-care like I do?

Are you always doing for other people, yet neglecting you?

Do you have a demanding career that taking a day off isn’t in the schedule?

Are you a work aholic? Don’t worry, you can admit it, I am. Well, I’m a recovering work aholic! 

I now realize the beauty in taking a moment to myself and shutting out the rest of the world, that means no phone, no laptop, no tablet, no notebook, no nothing. I must admit I struggled with decompressing because being an over achiever was so deeply ingrained in me. I was under the impression that if I wasn’t ‘doing’ then I was unproductive. I associated unproductive with laziness and well quite frankly, that’s not true. I soon learned after crashing and burning, serving on an empty tank that I was empty. I literally couldn’t have gone another mile.

Still struggling with self-care? Read this article that speaks to 6 ways of taking a proper day off.

Any tips you can share with the go-getter community who needs to learn how to take a day off? What have you found to be helpful?

Here’s to many self-care days and proper days off!


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