Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a news junkie. Junkie is probably an understatement. If you ask me, in a past life I was a journalist or news reporter. In this post, I’ll be reporting to you live from my heart.


I’ve watched the news all day and the one common thread has been the story of a brave girl named, Jada. Jada was allegedly (as a seasoned news and court tv vet, I must say allegedly because it’s a pending investigation and no formal charges have been made against one person or another) raped while unconscious on an apparent spiked punch. Of course many will argue that she’s a reckless teenager who should have known better. Per society we are the judge and the jury and the victim is always wrong, right? Well, I’ve got news for you, I ain’t buying it! Yup, I said, I ain’t! This young lady no matter the circumstances, you know the usual dressed provocatively, sloppy drunk, misleading in her desires with boys, etc. The usual rhetoric that is associated with rape victims that every hypocrite or person who’s never experienced being taken advantage of, typically says. Nobody, and I repeat nobody, deserves to be mishandled against their own free will. Better yet, taken advantage of AND with photos to document the horrific incident. Can you imagine receiving a screen shot 22 days later that someone took advantage or you and you’re the last to know?

I am outraged at how society keeps misplacing the blame on the victim and not the attacker(s). She did what we’ve all done many times before; being a KID! Please, by show of hands, show me who out there hasn’t skipped on the rules of right and wrong? Just because she was caught in a moment of falling short of her rules, (no underage drinking) it does not negate the fact she was taken advantage of and didn’t deserve any of it. What happened to justice being blind? Seems to me like Justice may be peeking or possibly taken the blindfold off. Sad situation.

What in the world is wrong with our children these days? What’s wrong with the so called adults raising them. Behavior like that of some teens these days should definitely have plenty of ‘get your hat brought to you’ moments(a saying my Grandmother would say when she’d called you to the carpet AND got the switch). The norm these days is to go to unsupervised parties or at least one supervised by an irresponsible adult; something that would’ve never happened in my day, and mind you I’m only in my 30’s. Our community is suffering from the lack of having our village and the presence of our Fathers; shame on us for changing things. I remember growing up and being reprimanded by the bus driver, my teachers, my principal, the ushers at church, our youth group sponsors, neighbors, Aunts and Uncles, and any other adult in sight of my wrong doings. There was no doubt that after they corrected me, I was in trouble with my parents.

The kids now have no regard for authority and no longer fear consequences; evident in the viral hashtag #jadapose that carried the injustice even further. I’m elated we have a resilient young woman with a great support system in her Mother. Have any of your considered the bravery it took for this young lady to stand up to an entire world? There are many of us who can’t even stand up to the ONE bully at work or the hater at church, let alone the neighbor up the road who hates your guts for no apparent reason. Imagine not only being unknowingly violated, but taking the blur off of your face and letting the whole world see who you are; when at one point you were a Black body, lying lifelessly on a floor with the #jadapose hashtag to follow. She took her soul back, she’s owning who she truly is, her accountability in this incident, and she’s regained her smile back. She will be hated for her truth, but with more support from her community I believe she will be better because of it. Will you rock with Jada and change the face of victimizing?

I don’t want to hear another grown soul invite a pass of ‘she asked for it’ to this party, all in the name of underage drinking. How many of us have been to a party and participated in things we should not have; high school age, college age, and for some of y’all 30’s/40 ish? Stop it with your index finger. If walls could talk…remember that!

Talk to your kids in your household and in your community about the power of right vs. wrong. As parents, we’ve got to stop being afraid of our children or afraid of not being their BFF. I now understand why my Father emphasized the fact that he didn’t want to be my friend or don’t talk to him like he was my friend. Our relationship required separation of the parent-child vs. the parent-homie relationship. As an adult I appreciate his separation and tough love. My dad is NOW my BFF because he equipped me with the life skills to truly develop the meaning of friendship. I don’t take it lightly that everyone is not my friend or devalue the ones that truly are. I cherish those relationships, all because I know the true value in them. Thanks Dad!

And with that being said, I say with pride “I AM JADA!” So are you…

Let’s show our support for this brave young lady by tweeting and reposting her triumph over tragedy. Be sure to use the hashtag #iamJada. I’d love to see your support photos by tagging me on Instagram @iamebonyc Leave your 2 cents in the comments.

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