I’ve been working my tail off, and trust me that’s no complaint because I’m doing what I love; pouring into others.

While I took a little break to reflect, I wanted to catch up on my shows so I powered up my TV and went to my DVR. One of my new favorites is Extreme Weight Loss on ABC. I love this show because, while I may not be 200+ pounds overweight, I’ve got work to do. I don’t aim to be skinny, but healthy. After the birth of my daughter, let’s just say getting my body back has been a constant struggle.

This particular episode featured: Brandi 29-year-old makeup artist. 2014 Miss America, Nina Davuluri, joins her. During her ‘fight or flight’ workout, as celebrity trainer, Chris Powell, describes it-Brandi was asked what her real truth was. Her nakedness…


She broke my heart when she uttered the words, “I wasn’t my Daddy’s Angel anymore.” She goes on to say, “my Daddy said nobody’s gonna be attracted to that. I wasn’t my Moms little pageant queen!” This woman was in tears talking about how she wasn’t good enough, all at the hands of her own parents, how she’d lived for others and never for herself, if she gave up in that moment she’s giving up on the rest of her life.

I loved how Chris pushed and pushed her with telling her that she believed the words of others and pushed her to see the cost in believing the nonsense of others.

weight loss

So for those of us who don’t have a Chris Powell in our lives, let me ask you the same questions I asked myself as the tears ran down my face watching Brandi’s breakthrough.

How many times have you given up on yourself, all because other people told you weren’t good enough?

How long will you give up on your life at the hands of what the whispers tell you on a daily basis?

When will you take YOUR life back and say to hell with what people have to say?

Is it your time? (one of my fav songs from Ms. Kelly Price. I sing it every chance I get. It’s my ringtone)

What’s your journey story?

Are you ready to get naked? It’s the only way you’ll be free.

Are you ready to forgive the people who told you that you too weren’t good enough? (it’s liberating, you should try it)

It’s time to encourage yourself!


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