We taxied away from the gate, waiting our turn to take off, it was sunny, moderate temperatures-a nice Chicago afternoon. The Captain came over the PA system and announced, flight attendants prepare for take-off!” We slowly began to climb, as we climbed higher and higher we were reminded why Chicago was dubbed ‘the windy city.’ The turbulence began to get rougher and rougher. My eyes began to grow the size of golf balls and my heart raced faster than Earnhardt at Daytona. My Beau, an Airforce Veteran with years of experience working on aircraft, was bombarded with a million and one questions, “what in the world is that? Why are we shifting from side to side? Is that going to stop?” He patiently answered, “he’s just trying to climb and know where the air pockets are and get out of them. The higher he goes the smoother the flight will be.” His tone was calm and his eyes fixed on me. In that moment, having his support calmed my fears and gave me the peace I needed to enjoy the ride.

Just like our turbulent flight, life will also be turbulent but you have to be patient enough to see the air pockets (trials and tribulations) through. You have to know that within your journey you’ll go higher and higher but you’ve got to trust the one who created you to get you out of those air pockets and to your purpose. You see, there were over 200 people on our flight which brings over 200 different emotions and outlooks, but we all had the same “experience.” In life, you may experience the same thing (a bad break up, loss of a job, depression, anguish, a broken friendship, abandonment) as the sister next to you but your outlook – your ability to overcome in the midst of adversity will look different. Perhaps she has time to wallow and not see the positivity in her experience while you brush yourself off when being knocked down – coming back even stronger. I learned on this flight to trust who I prayed for, knowing God wouldn’t have given him to me had he not been meant to journey with me; knowing that with my relationships there will be turbulence but it’s up to me to find the air pockets and keep climbing to higher heights in order to ride smoothly; and fulfilling my dreams won’t be easy nor will I have it all figured out but I’ll soar by just climbing anyway – fears and all.

Like my Aunt likes to say, “higher level, new devil.” I choose to discount the air pockets of negativity and naysayers because they make me stronger and even more determined to win. My resilience is built in them and I thank them. Stop cursing the ones who are meant to encourage you. Yes, your haters are encouragers too. Are they a little different in their approach? Yes, you better believe it, but their words are motivation too. Don’t discount the devils antics. I allow the negativity to fuel me to a space of prosperity. I have no words for haters just mere actions. Think of your haters sending you on a Trinadad James mission, Mission “Don’t believe me just watch.”


I am cognizant of the fact that the climb to the top won’t be cake walk. If it was, everyone would be doing it! Don’t walk in oh so little faith. The only way you climb is to put one foot in front of the other, grip the hell out of the dream you have, and don’t let go until you get there. Do the work!

Life will hand you turbulence but only you choose how it will affect you. Will you rise to the ocassion? Drop me a line or two and tell me how you overcame life’s turbulence and how you recommend someone else begin to elevate.


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