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Hey Beauties!

Welcome to my digital Mommy diary!

It’s amazing to fearlessly live my life’s purpose out loud, as Creator and Chief Executive of iamebony; a body devoted to empowering single moms and women to pursue free enterprise, embrace positive co-parenting, and overall personal development.

So here’s the deets, I’m a Single Moms & Women’s Empowerment Advocate, fancy verbiage for my life’s journey was purposed for me to bless others through. I’ve weathered some tough storms, but my rainbows have been worth it. My gift of gab and life experiences have afforded me the opportunity to live my life out loud as a Motivational Speaker to moms and girls. My greatest concern is that we love ourselves from inside out. How you perceive yourself is an important aspect of your success. What does your reflection say to you when you glance in the mirror? We all get old, girl, deal with it and embrace it. If you possess a radiant character, folks will forget about the outwardly beauty and so will you!

Basically, I love helping others be their best selves and essentially allowing you to get all in my Kool-Aid by reading my digital Mommy diary. The key to the success of my business is my ability to be totally transparent with you, or what I love to call, ‘NAKED;’ hence, the reason I ask you, “Are you ready to see yourself naked?” #SeeYourselfNaked

I’m here to help you kick it into gear and see yourself naked for the very first time. Are you ready to see yourself naked?

Let’s get it! #SeeYourselfNaked



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