I was invited to Tha Afterparty Radio Studio, for a Meet and Greet with Myesha Chaney, of Oxygen’s Preacher of L.A. She’s such a beauty, inside and out. We were gifted with both her new book and her album, and I’ve been jammin’ ever since.

Check out her single, “Take Him to the World.”

Listen here to hear Myesha tell how Hiding Behind The Lipstick was birthed.

To purchase the book head here: Hiding Behind the Lipstick

Check out the official YouTube channel by heading to: Hiding Behind the Lipstick.

There are some profound videos that will shock you, make you cry, make you ponder on the things you’re hiding behind, and the healing that needs to take place in your life. Kim’s story resonated the most with me. #HBTL



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