You know what; I’m really sick and tired of hearing a single mom referred to, or referring to herself as a ‘Baby Mama.’ Am I the only one who clearly hears the resounding negative connotation this term brings to this demographic of women? Do you hear the earsplitting term defining who you are and you’re okay with it?

I’m personally offended when I’m referred to as, ‘his baby Mama.’ Uh, excuse me I am so much more than that and refuse to be reduced to the nothingness that today’s terminology has gifted society with. Even your child’s father knows you are so much more than that, well at least that was prior to him practicing his latest yoga pose, child’s pose.

Your role as a mother is far-reaching; you are not only his child’s mother, but his child’s sole provider; his child’s comforter; his child’s teacher; his child’s cheerleader; his child’s personal chef; his child’s counselor; his child’s playmate; his child’s personal alarm clock; his child’s taxi cab driver; his child’s moral compass; need I say more?

You are required to begin to see the more impactful titles that you hold, that are so much more than the simple minded term ‘baby Mama.’ There is no power in being a ‘baby Mama.’ I equate the term to someone scratching the chalkboard with their nails; the phrase particularly makes my skin crawl.

Who simply sets out to just get knocked up and left to fin for themselves or their child? I know I didn’t and neither do you. Some will argue there are women who did just that, but let me be the first to tell you that if you knew the responsibility that comes with real parenting you’d know better than to think that. Yes, there are some who do not take parenting seriously, I agree totally. This isn’t for them. Unfortunately, parenting isn’t for everyone but it’s not something some realize prior to creating their child. In the meantime, I need my assassins to work on the assassination of ‘baby momma’ and change society’s mentality.

I’ll tell you what I envisioned for my family: a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, barking dog, Sunday dinner with my husband and kids, fixing my hubby’s lunch, kissing him goodnight, lying in bed on a Saturday afternoon with him and our children, and saying good morning. However, what my journey included was a bit different, but it all led me to empowering single moms and women. I could not have done it without the test in my journey and the maturity I was required to attain along the way. Stop singing woe is me and accepting the second-rate titles. Stop allowing miserable people to deduce your calling as a Mother, to something so simplistic and degrading, and stop carrying yourself as undeserving. Practice loving on you so that you may lead your children to a place of value. People treat you how you allow them to.

Ladies, it is high time we put ‘baby momma’ six feet under and let her rest in peace. You bring the flowers and I’ll bring the eulogy. I haven’t the slightest desire to be viewed, nor have women viewed as a ‘baby momma.’ There is so much more to us than that. What do you consider yourself to be? Write it down and refer to yourself as such. Don’t be afraid to correct those who refer to you as a ‘baby Mama.’ Tell them you mean no harm, but no longer will you stand for being something so run-of-the-mill when your thinking is so large. If they don’t get it, leave the small minds in that season. Your homework is to begin replacing ‘baby momma’ with a more productive role/title: Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Christian, Servant, Woman, Author, Doctor, Musician, Social Media expert, or Speaker. You can be so much more, but one thing you are NOT is a ‘baby Mama.’ You are his child’s mother!

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