We often find ourselves looking at a situation that’s been riddled with negativity and allowing it to completely blind us from the blessing in disguise. I ask you to take the sleep mask off and appreciate the light in a dark space. It’s only dark because you chose to create darkness and block the light. Life is no different, stop living in self-imposed dark spaces, when all you have to do is take your mask off and the light will appear. Life isn’t easy and you’d be a “fish-eyed fool,” as my late Grandma, Nellie, would say to believe it would be easy. It’s up to you to make maximize on the cards you’ve been dealt.

I encourage you to look for the rainbow after every storm. As a little girl, I would love to listen to a hard rain, smell the rain, and then look for the colorful rainbow that would appear afterwards. Do you know the story of Noah and the Arc? Stop thinking your 10 minutes of hell is impossible to overcome when that man endured forty long days and nights. Stop cursing your mess! Yes, a year or even five years is quite a while, but it’s nothing in comparison to living in fear and not even trying to do better. Stop blaming everyone else when all it takes is for you to believe and rest in knowing trouble don’t last always.

I encourage you to look at the one thing that can bless you and others in your moment of turmoil, and when you make it through be sure to share. Don’t you dare be shaped by tragedy and not allow others to grow from it. It’s necessary to be a blessing to others.

In what ways have you overcome and ways the one thing you’ve learned in the midst of the storm?

How to Enjoy One Good Thing


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