At the end of February, I attended a workshop called “Let’s Get Naked” hosted by Ebony Combs. The bio of the course was informative yet brief, but I decided to attend because I had a feeling this could be a deeply moving session.

Outside of the meeting room, I was given a My Black is Beautiful t-shirt for free. When I walked in, the room was filled of beautiful female students who were admiring their shirts and conversing among each other. I descended down a few stairs and took a seat next to a young lady who I was able to strike up a conversation with immediately about our predictions for the workshop. We took glances at the stage and saw the women who would later introduce themselves as Ebony Combs, Tekoya Boykins, (guest panelist), Leslie Warrior (guest panelist), and Rudine Cooks (photographer and key contributor). 

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When Ebony began the workshop and drew in the attention of her audience members, we were all connected. The words she spoke were meant for everyone in that room. I wanted my neighbors to believe her encouragements as deeply as I believed them. 

Oftentimes we reside our insecurities into a dark corner of our minds and do not hear their voices until we are alone at night, but Ebony equipped us with knowledge to combat these voices and negative thoughts. My chest fell with appreciation as she spoke about recognizing self-worth and empowering the beauty within oneself. For me, a memorable aspect of the workshop was when she explained that no matter how beaten or depressed we are, our beauty and our value never cease to exist. 

After the presentation, I rose from my seat feeling swollen with a truth that had risen within my chest like the dawn of morning. Ebony’s knowledge was more than just a good feeling—it was a reminder that would never change. My value does not deplete because of difficult times or because of feeling low. Her workshop shed me of shame and left me naked without wanting to hide the fullness of my potential from anyone. 

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