Earlier this week I listened to TD Jakes on TBN say, “motherhood is a calling.” While his words were simplistic in nature, they were profoundly powerful. Yes, some of us have unplanned pregnancies but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a blessing growing insides of us and we weren’t called to bring it to fruition.

On my drive home this evening I decided to call my daughter,  Zari, so we could catch up and I could say goodnight. Zari’ s with my parents for the summer;  she loves spending time in OK.  While I truly miss my Princess,  it’s a much needed break from raising her alone. I’m able to decompress and recollect myself for the 9 months I’ll be a one woman show. I’m grateful for parents who were heavily involved in my rearing and who realize parenting is a tough job for a team of two, and even moreso for a one woman show.

After working on my business plan with my other half,  I was a little tired but I had to speak to my Zari. First, I called my Mom’s cell phone but no answer.  Secondly, I tried their house phone and Eureka!!! The little voice on the other end said ,”HELLO!” It was my Z-boogie. My heart immediately lit up and the ideas began to flow, the exhaustion I’d felt 5 minutes ago was gone, and I was immediately reminded why life is so beautiful. 

Moms,  we often will beat ourselves up because we take a ‘break’ from our children or we struggle with ends not meeting. I’m here to tell you that there are blessings in your breaks. If you are fortunate to have someone who is responsible and loves your offspring,  take the opportunity and rejuvenate yourself.  I highly recommend picking up the phone and hearing your motivation tell you how much they love you and are happy to hear from you. Listen to the little voice,  for it’s power in their innocence and unconditional love that should ignite a fire in you to love at a higher level and move mountains toward your dreams. Don’t be discouraged,  you have too much to live for and be proud of. You owe it to yourself to reap the full benefits of joy and prosperity,  and it’s okay if your encouragement came from such a small package. I’m a firm believer in small packages having a far-reachung impact.

Zari motivated me to come home and inspire you;  to pour into you, the gift her pep talk gave me. She understands that what Mommy does now is simply seeds for our future. I don’t want to just talk the talk, but walk the walk. I can’t require of her, something I’m not willing to require of my self; faith without works is dead. I’m showing her now that the dreams I have require sowing seeds and sacrifice, one of which is time away from her. Take the time to speak to your children about your goals. You’ll begin to build some powerful little people,  who will grow to be extraordinary adults; selfless with their gifts. So, while her voice inspired me, I pray that my actions will inspire her.


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