“We are the United States of America.” President Barack Obama

I’ve proudly watched this man overcome harsh hatred, be subjected to an unprecedented level of racism and disrespect, and stand tall in the midst of it all. I watch vigilantly, as God leads him and gives him the words and strength to stand before a nation, known for being ‘free’, yet has so far to come. I haven’t witnessed any other President be subjected to character assassinations and resistance from the masses as what’s been done with President Obama. I have yet to experience a President whose opinions, beliefs, or decision-making I agree with 100%. I’ve always maintained a high-level of admiration and respect for the very position they’ve been voted to serve in. Yes, my vote wasn’t always the one who go them there, but I honored the capacity in which they’ve sacrificed countless hours way from their families, some of their own personal goals, and being placed in harm’s way just for the position they serve in. We seem to forget about the liberties they relinquish to serve an often dissatisfied people. Who can’t get it right when you’re not the one having to please the opinion of an entire nation? We can all stand on the sideline and say what the players in the game should have or could have done. The what if’s always seem to be easier when you aren’t the doer. Shut up already!

He’s done his very best and even at his worst, I respect him. He won fair and square; receiving majority vote. I respected those before him, not necessarily agreeing with their tactics, but recognizing they were the guy for four and sometimes eight years.

Today, many are off of work because of President’s Day. There will be two vastly different ways of commemorating this day; some will spend it relaxing and reflecting, while others will spend it plotting and continuing to hate. At the end of the day, we can all thank Mr. Obama for his service and selflessness to want better for those who rightfully deserve it. I’m grateful for his ability to see the normalcy in our world and offer a helping hand to those less fortunate. While some of us ride on our high horses and eat from our silver spoons, realize that it could be you. Poverty doesn’t discriminate just as wealth doesn’t either. Those same people you look down on, may be the very one to lift you up and shed light on you.

Thank you, Mr. President! Today, I honor you and pray God continues to keep his hand on you and provides you with the wisdom and fortitude to lead.

In what ways has President Obama helped you and your family? Take time to reflect on it and sound off in the comments.

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