Today, 7 years ago I gave birth to Miss Zari NaLynn. Today, I give birth to my purpose and kicking fears rear. I’m elated to have the freedom to dream and believe in what I have been created for and to share that breathe of fresh air.

We mustn’t ever forget how good it feels to obtain success in our live, nor forget those who have been along on the journey with us. Today, I shed tears for the grace God has bestowed upon me by entrusting me with a gift so perfect in my daughter. I am in awe of what he has given me in her. It’s ironic to think that when the doctor took my first ultra sound at 5 weeks and gave me my due date, that I was under the impression I was gifting her with life when truth is, she’s gifted me with life. The journey has been tough, but with her heartbeat, my life has been given a new melody. The rhythm of life, she and I share, couldn’t be more in sync with the direction he had for me. I once was afraid and ashamed of the things I’d been through, but now it’s therapeutic to know it’s my purpose. I didn’t go through the storms for just me, but to save countless others. So, this is not another ordinary blog but its my digital diary to heal and help YOU walk in victory.

Thank you for joining me and coming along my journey ride. I hope the passenger seat is nice and comfy because I saved it just for you. Don’t hesitate to leave me a piece of your journey too or to give a word of encouragement.

Make sure you bless someone else today because you just received a blessing too.




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