Because our girls depend on us to help them build solid character and love for themselves.

What things are happening in your city that’s geared towards sowing positive seeds into our next generation of leaders? If there’s nothing going on, I encourage you to start something.  Don’t be discouraged by small attendance. If you reach 5 girls, you’ve done more than the 0 that were fed before you made the decision to give back. Sow your seeds, water them, and watch them grow.  Your 5 will turn into 10, your 10 into 30, your 30 into 50, and then you’ll begin to lose count at the lives you touch. Those lives will in turn bless 50 more; it’s the gift of reciprocity.  Get excited in your selflessness and start somewhere.


If you’re near the Desoto, TX, area on August 2nd, come support this amazing organization. They’re making a positive impact on our girls.  Stop by and see me. We’d love to have you! Registration is still open. Don’t miss your opportunity to be fed and have fun while doing it.

Character is beauty.

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Pretty Hurts Young Girls Conference:

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