Many of you may have already heard of Elizabeth Lauten’s classless lesson, in class, that she delivered to the Obama girls. Yes, to put it quite plainly, she did way too much.

Elizabeth Lauten's Classless Opinion

You remember as a teen rolling your eyes when adults talked about frivolous things that didn’t concern you like the mall trip with your BFF;  folding your arms, with plenty of attitude, when your mom made you give that Easter speech you thought you were too old for; or the time when you were forced to laugh at something an adult said that was not so funny. Okay, so perhaps you want to act brand new, but I’ll admit I’ve done all the above and I’m quite certain my seven year old daughter will do the same one day.

I believe the cardinal rule is that in all adult arguments, children are off limits. How do you feel about Elizabeth breaking all the rules?

Olivia Pope Herself Couldn't Help Her Out of This

I’ll  let you be the judge…

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