I have a bone to pick with Nightline news and this “special edition” for Robin Williams. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m saddened by his death,  but I’m also saddened by the numerous deaths of the boys and men in my community. More specifically,  that of Mike Brown in Ferguson.

Okay, I get it, the Black male has no real value to society because they are “always” a thug and deserved to die,  right? Wrong! It’s high time we realize that both suicide and death by cop are equally sad and devastating to a family and those who love the deceased. I want media to play a more vital role in the “special edition” of effectively stopping the countless murders of our unarmed boys and men. Stop dehumanizing them because you believe their past dictates their future. Stop down playing the circumstances in which our boys and men are losing their lives.


Yes, depression and suicide are devastating and incomprehensible but so is waking up without your child or mate; only to later lie down and close your eyes without their heart beating or hearing their voice. Can you imagine the pain Mike Brown’s mother feels? I can’t and don’t want to.

Media needs to wake up and understand that the blows they continue to throw at the communities hurting from police brutality,  are the same ones devastated by the suicide of those who made us laugh and escape from the cruelties of the world. Who do we turn to when the one who once gave us comic relief checked out from a world full of sadness? How do you draw hope from that? Now who makes us laugh? We are all hurting – isn’t that enough to have in common and make you understand to stop devaluing our boys? Death is death.  Pain is pain. We need to realize neither battle is one we want to win.

Let’s band together and shed light on the horrors of suicide and the detriment murder by cop can have on a community.

Join me every 1st Monday of the month 9 pm central on twitter as we discuss the aftermath of suicide and pray for those left behind or surviving an attempt.


Be slow to anger and quick to forgive. Keep your judgments to yourself and try putting yourself in the shoes of the Mother who heart was just ripped out from losing her son. Try walking the path of a family member grieving the death of their loved one who couldn’t bare another moment here on this judgmental planet. Both are difficult roles to be forced into. Let your awarness of depression and racism educate you on the pain both bring and motivate you to spread love!

If you are contemplating suicid, please be brave and reach out to a listening and helpful ear. Your life has purpose. It’s not too late to live!

Peace & Blessings!



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