The recent events surrounding #Ferguson #MikeBrown have devastated me to my core. I think about all the innocent children who have lost trust in law enforcement;  the very people who vow to protect and serve. The children who no longer run towards the police, but run just like Michael Brown did. Those same children no longer believe in the universal sign of surrender. We have work to do,  damage to be undone!

How do we have the conversation with our babies about regaining trust in those who set up a war zone right in their neighborhood?  Can you imagine how frightening it must be to see large armored vehicles, “tanks,” that you typically only see during war in Afghanistan,  Iraq, etc.,- this time it’s on your street? I can’t. Our babies have been robbed of their innocence.


I think of the heartbreak his Mother will live with each day of her life, as she attempts to rebuild without her child. Yes, 6’4″ and 250+ doesn’t dismiss Michael being her baby. Picture a Father who will forever have vivid images of his son lying in the street, deceased, blood streaming down the concrete. Yeah, the pictures gut punches me too. Closing his eyes will never be the same. How do you suggest we encourage them to regain trust in the very police force who broke their child’s trust?

Does law enforcement take their oath seriously anymore or have a few bad seeds caused more damage than the good ones can undo? I will say, Captain Ron Johnson has done a phenomenal job in bringing calm to a place where peace has been non existent, and for good reason. He understood the struggle and easily put himself in the shoes of Michael Brown’s parents.  His son looks just like Michael.


I want to challenge you to think about the innocence of our children and if society has demanded a more tainted scope for them? I want to challenge you to do your part, sensibly,  in our communities and don’t be out of touch with the events happening in the inner city or impoverished neighborhoods-just because you don’t “live there.” Your people do! Their issues are still our issues. Their children are our children. Their sorrow is our sorrow. It is our duty to stand up for right and wrong;  matters not the events that occurred prior to Michael Brown’s execution. What matters is this young man gave a universal sign of surrender that was ignored. He was gunned down in broad daylight by an officer who decided to abuse his power and devalue the life of a Black man!  The shooting is not justified. The innocence of a child was violated. He was innocent until proven guilty, but never received his right to due process. Darren Wilson played God that day and took his life. Why do police deem it important to emphasize the clean six year, infraction free career, as if he gets a trophy for “doing the right thing? Didn’t he take an oath to protect citizens not kill them?  We aren’t concerned with that either. What we are concerned with is Darren Wilson’s actions taken at the time he received the sign of surrender.


This should outrage any human being; black, white,  Latino,  etc. Michael Brown is our child, let’s serve his legacy justice by engaging our children in this teachable moment. How will you have breakthrough conversations with your children or those in your community?

Please post your feedback,  good or bad, on below. Let’s help redefine the innocence of our children/loved ones. Let’s take back our communities and clean up hatred,  as a unit!

I got ya back! Let’s get it!



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