Fashion Police, Zari's 2014 Halloween Costume

We all have to face it at one point or another,  you know the dreaded Halloween  subject every single mom, on a strict budget, attempts to avoid. We consistently fail miserably at this,  but year after year we continue to torture ourselves as if it’s not coming.

So here we are again, this Halloween season, and here goes the what to be for Halloween saga! Mommies, it doesn’t have to be this way. We can begin to face it head on, as an effort to circumvent all the perfect stranger advertisements who will bombard our children with this fairytale costume,  that we all know cost more than it should for one measly day!

A pumpkin Zari and I painted for 2013 Halloween

Disney and Pixar gun for our children in the summer with all of their colorful newly released films. Our kiddos begin to be hypnotized with their latest character, where the costume often costs more than you’ve budgeted for. So what to do? No, don’t buy it anyway because that’s what little Johnnie really wants and it’ll break his heart.

This is not where you go into debt to please the little one. Its the time where you introduce Johnnie to Mr. Ingenuity. Trust me, Johnnie will later thank you. He won’t view Halloween the same after Mom has shown him this is where he can express himself and totally rock out. You will fill his life with lots of color and those cookie cutter costumes on the shelves will be history.

A few benefits of self-expression meeting Halloween? Glad you asked.

It’s your opportunity to educate your child(ren) on the importance of holiday’s,  help them make informed decisions (saving’s v. Spending),  exercise creativity (tap into who they are and it’s their one opportunity all year to creatively and boldly express that),  and the benefits of bonding with Mommy (they’ll never forget the time spent)!

Yes, you’re never too old or young to learn! Turn Halloween into a teachable moment for both you and your little one. Your love for them doesn’t mean spending or sacrificing your next meal to make them “happy.” Life won’t always deal the “right” cards so teach your children how to make lemonade with the lemons of life. Life isn’t easy, so quit giving them the impression that we can buy happiness and stop telling yourself the same. Manufacture moments of clarity and unconditional love right there at home and involve them in it.

Zari and I make her costumes every year. I started this because I was a broke single mom on public assistance,  who needed an outlet to deal with my lemons;  art takes me away. Creating is a great way for me to decompress. It also provided me with an opportunity to teach my daughter that being different is good (no one would have her costume on and she would stand out), she could have an exciting holiday without breaking the bank, and it was time she and I could freely be together and enjoy each others company. She gets it it and recently did her own instagram video: Zari’s Halloween Advice to share her wisdom with other kiddos. I’m one proud Momma!

Check out a couple of our ingenious costume creations. Her concepts, Mommy’s love! All costumes were repurposed items from other events,  things around the house, craft closet left overs,  dollar tree gems,  and Mommy’s beginner sewing and crafting. We have yet to spend more than $15 bucks for a complete costume.  YAY, team us!  We had a blast creating.

What costumes have you created?  Share with our community. 

See ya!
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