I don’t know about you, but being a natural has been quite the journey for a multitude of reasons. First, learning my hair texture and what products work best for me. Secondly, the ooh’s and awe’s of the public. Yes, everyone totally became an expert of MY hair once I became natural. Nope, their unsolicited advice was ever on my wish list, nor did I ask for them to want to run their fingers through my hair every time they saw me, as if I were on display. I equate this request to a pregnant woman’s belly being rubbed by perfect strangers.

Well recently, while taking a writing break, I ran across the BuzzFeed Video that perfectly summed up just how I and many naturals feel. You know the moment people feel compelled to share their feelings on our hair. Thanks, but no thanks!

What ways do you avoid the mass exodus of your natural hair movement? Are you pressured to go back to the creamy crack? Have you considered straightening your hair to be more accepted in Corporate America? Why or why not?

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