Since meeting Myesha Chaney a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been able to watch several of the Hiding Behind the Lipstick, Lipstick Confessions. I must say that I’ve been in awe of some women’s struggles, while others struck a chord with me as a single mom. In coaching single moms, I’ve been able to see the impact of infidelity and the bitterness some women hang on to when experiencing the selfish acts of their partners. I’ve been there and I must say it’s a hard road to travel, but being liberated from it is such sweeter. In fact, my experience brought me to my purpose. I want you all to ponder over a few things and then ask yourself, what am I hiding behind? What’s my lipstick confession? Forgive yourself and those who have wronged you, TODAY!

This particular video echoed so loudly that I had to share. Many of my clients have dealt with this very issue. It’s time for it to stop. Women we must first respect ourselves, but then one another. Men cannot be unfaithful when there’s no third-party willing to participate. You have the power to build a community of unified women, who stand in the gap for one another. If his relationship is broken, it’s up to HIM and God to fix it. Let the ink be dry on those divorce papers or for the relationship to truly be over, before you decide to hop in bed (OUCH) or even pursue something with him. He can’t move forward in a new chapter when the old one is still being written, and quite frankly you shouldn’t want him to. If you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself why you don’t believe you’re good enough to have all of someone. Look in the mirror and work on you, girlfriend.

Want to know the impact of Infidelity? Have you been an active participant? Are you ready to let go of the bitterness infidelity has brought you?

Know that infidelity impacts more than the adults. These ‘kids’ are hurting as adults from something that happened in their childhood. How long will you hang on to something that hurt you years ago? Get free today!

Don’t get surprised that this was ‘church’ folk. We are all human, but forgiveness belongs to us all. There is no perfect being. Take off your mask, NOW!



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