“Hurting others are destroying property is not the answer…I do not want my son’s death to be in vain.” -Michael Brown, Sr.

While I can agree with the fact that destroying your own community isn’t the right thing to do. It’s what I’ve been praying doesn’t happen all day. It simply won’t change a thing. It won’t bring Mike Brown back. It starts with adopting a new way of thinking, showing up to vote in all elections, and doing something long after the lights,camera, and action disappear!

I can’t agree with how Black men’s lives continue to be devalued in this country. They’re all not thugs, our community isn’t the only community with bad apples; we are simply the only ones being hunted because of a few irrational individuals. Funny, our culture is the only one known for being volitle. I ackowlege that some Black men are victims of their environment and often can’t comprehend the things that you or I may comprehend, coming from better environments. Let’s realize that great examples are slim to none, at times, and oppression is real. Lets be clear.

As a Black woman, I can’t even fathom what the people of Ferguson feel right now and especially black men. This decision is disheartening and has become our norm. This shouldn’t be our norm. Did I tell you I wanted a boy so badly once I finally swallowed the pill that I was pregnant? Do you know who is elated she got the news she was having a girl at 18 weeks. I’m grateful I will have more hope that my daughter will bury me versus me burying her just because she’s hated or viewed as intimidating. I’m grateful she doesn’t have the attributes of the hunted; brown skin and a penis. They’re born with two strikes.


My heart aches for Michael Brown’s family. Let’s speak truth for a moment, realize that sometimes the truth hurts. Yes, sometimes not all, Black communities are faced with grave inequalities and because of such have such anger that articulating that becomes challenging. I didn’t say it was right, but it’s truth-our truth. We can’t discount that racial tensions are extremely skewed in this  community; consistently across the country. Show me stats that speak otherwise, don’t worry I’ll wait. The particular people in positions of power, in this case, are NOT concerned about the value of a Black man. That is clear. I’d recommend a little advice to those, Black, White, Yellow, Purple, whatever, while you can empathize with the people of Ferguson or Officer Wilson you cannot feel what they feel unless you are part of the community; myself included. It’s safe to exercise caution when speaking on a subject you can’t even begin to comprehend nor haven’t walked a day in their shoes.

My heart is deeply saddened that this Thanksgiving and so many days after this one, will be their most challenging. They’ll spend a lifetime with a broken heart. Be grateful at your dinner table this Thanksgiving that you still have your loved one and pray for the peace of our nation. Do something in your community to help the cause of someone else’s community! Change the norm. We could all use some education on the injustices  of this world, while exercising a more inclusive existence.

It’s 2014 and our world still operates as though one man is better than the other. Do me a favor  and have your slice of humble pie! The world’s okay with you skipping on the sweet potato or pumpkin!

Peace and Love,

One thought on “The Perfect Injustice: No Probable Cause”

  1. There has been a history of this type of killing dynamic that dates back to the conception of this country. We are talking 250 years plus of my ancestors and peers being slaughtered like the lowest common denominator and yet people want to look at us and tell us to keep calm, stay peaceful, trust the system. I believe those theories at first and still do to a certain degree but at some point we all have to look at the facts and realize as much progress we have made, we still have major setbacks. I will never promote violence, but I will also never try to tell people, especially my people how they should or shouldn’t feel and react when events like this keep happening over, and over, and over, and over again. For every Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown that is displayed in the national media, hundreds of thousands are not. Those two young men are just the face of what has been a systemic problem that nobody outside the black community accept for a few seems to care about solving. At the end of the day, black lives do matter. After all, the greatest nation on earth was built by my ancestors blood sweat an tears. Either way, we will get your attention and fight for what we believe in so that our children, their children, and their children’s children can live in a world where their black skin is not deemed demonic.

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