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As we prepare to show our gratitude to mothers across the globe, we must realize that a mother’s love deserves 365 days of praise. Nothing compares to a mother’s love.


Knowles Lawson’s heartbeat echos through the words in her letter. The way she expresses the unconditional love she has for her daughters explains the depth of the mother-daughter relationship. There’s nothing greater than hearing your mom say she’s grateful for you and proud of you, trust me my Mom uttering those words brought me to my knees. It’s a feeling like no other. As parents, we don’t always get it right but we love even in the misteps. We genuinely want the best for our children and will fight like hell to ensure they recieve the best  – better than what we’ve had, no matter the circumstances.


I can appreciate her thanking her daughters for nurturing her in her moments of weakness and distaste for herself. She should know as daughters we love taking care of our moms just as they love caring for us. I see this in my seven-year old when I have a crummy day or when my body is riddled with pain. Our kids learn caring for others and unconditional love from us. They are our mirror image of nurturing and love.

Check out Knowles Lawson’s open letter to her girls by following the link:

If you had an opportunity to write a letter to your daughter, what would you say?

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