On August 20th I turned 33 years young, a milestone for me because each year is a blessing. This past year has been so unrecognizable for me – filled with so many peak moments and some low ones too but all have shaped me into being a better human being.

The love I felt yesterday is overwhelming yet a beautiful surprise. I turned my phone on today to 500+ messages! I’m grateful for each person who took out time from their schedules to wish me a Happy Birthday in some form or fashion.

People kept asking what my plans were and I seriously had no plan but to rest and reflect. Many weren’t sure exaclty what that meant so I wanted to share how being still and taking a day to love on Ebony really did my heart some good. You should try it too. Here are my top 10 things I uncovered in my reflection:

  1. I felt my heart beating and I’m breathing for another 24 hours. God is alright with me and that’s the best gift I can be blessed with on my birthday because someone else didn’t get it.
  2. I’m surrounded by those who love me most and have been on the journey with me – my family. My cousins are dope and I’ll continue to push myself in order to inspire them to be great too. We all will WIN!

    Ebony, Mom, and Nikki

  3. I heard my name on the radio because my TJMS fam, more specifically Nikki Woods, is THE poop! Lol I was beaming. I believe that’s just the first of many.

  4. My business coach/big sister, Aprille, loves me enough to call me and semi-coach on my birthday because she stays on and I’m taking notes. Her call made my heart smile.

    Aprille and Ebony

  5. My Big sister Brandi Combs truly has a heart made of platinum. I watched her walk in her purpose yesterday from serving me (sending me to the spa) on my birthday to planning the most beautiful retirement party for our Aunt. I’ll be glad when she realizes her gift and kicks fear to the curb, but I’m certain it’s coming.

    My Big Sis, Brandi

  6. My parents, don’t get me started…drove from OK to make sure they were with me on my birthday and celebrate my Aunts retirement. Now that’s dedication. Oh and my Mom Art Shar Combs made my fav cake with fresh strawberries and bananas. And no you may not have a piece! Lol

  7. My Detroit family is more than I could’ve prayed for and I’m so grateful God blessed me with a Beau who’s a reflection of the love I’m shown on a daily basis from his siblings and parents.

  8. My baby girl made her Mommy’s bed, breakfast, and sung to me. Yes, my heart melted.

  9. Although he worked a 13 hour day, my Beau came and spent the evening with me well past his bedtime and got up and did it all over again at 4am. That man’s work ethic is so dope and so is he!

  10. I stared at my Essence magazine ad and realized I am on page 10!!! Page 10 right next to Misty Copeland. Y’all I started in the back of the magazines last year, my Beau and I made it to page 44 in June, and now page 10??

    Father's Day Feature of Brandon and I

Pantene September Feature

I don’t know what that says to you but for me, I’m closer to the front cover than I think. My dreams are bigger than me. It amazes me to see the girl who was once called ugly, not good enough, too dark, not only make it into a magazine because I was told I’d never be there, but be featured in several magazines over the course of a year’s time. Trust me, there’s more to come. Don’t let anyone tell you who you can’t be or what you can’t dream. I opened my mind and my heart to possibility, did the work (still am) and doors are opening.

I’m grateful for a day of reflection, I’ll have to do it again well before my next birthday. By being still has allowed me to be grateful for the “small” things that are in all actuality, LARGE things in my life – God, my family, my passion/purpose, shoot – ME!

I’ve had the best birthday and your collective love has made it such a beautiful day.

The best is yet to come and I’m elated to see what God has in store for #33!

What will you do on your next day of reflection? What tips could you offer others who need to take a gratitude day?

XOXO, Ebony

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