“Ain’t nobody got time for that!” -Sweet Brown,OK


The excessive hard core cursing from my “friends” on my time line is beyond comprehension in this season. Please don’t be offended when I have to love you from a distance and unfriend you; it’s only my attempt to help you love yourself more and be better. Hopefully you’ll see the error of your ways and realize the generations before and after you, either look to you to keep the pace in what they’ve accomplished or set the pace in what they’d like to accomplish! Be a positive example to our babies! Life ain’t that bad that everyday the only adjective you can find to describe another human being is calling them an MF or N@!ga. It’s not that bad where you complain about EVERYTHING known to man. Do you truly realize what a blessing bit to to have breath in your body? Yes, kick and scream on your way back up, but do it tastefully. You don’t think I have a bad day? I want to go off sometimes,  but I’ve learned through tough lessons of my own that social media isn’t the answer. Vent in an offline journal, curse under your breath, but don’t leave that type of permanent mark!  The ‘cloud’ will forever tell your truth.  There’s no real delete button.

Let’s do better!

I would think I’ve befriended individuals who are expressive beyond what I’ve seen. Love yall, but the negativity has got to go!  #icant not trying to change you so keep at it, if you’d like, but I’ve got to make changes. I need good energy in this space. I know many will say, she thinks she’s better than me! And to that I say–yes,love I am and so are you! You’re better than who you are too so stop it with your public display of foolishness.

How will you ensure you keep a positive space in your life?  What tough decisions are you willing to make on your road to betterment?  Are you willing to stand alone?

I want to hear from you. #SeeYourselfNaked

Peace, Blessings, and Love ✌

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