July 4th is a day that will forever be etched in my heart – it’s the day my life changed for the better. A day that I began to live on purpose and walk my dream out. I debuted as a national My Black is Beautiful Ambassador, along with my 5 ambassador sisters.

Don’t you dare tell me dreams don’t come true when you believe!

This very moment took years of preparation: tears, heartache, agony, rejection, self-doubt, self-discovery, and more importantly prayer. Some may think my life is glamorous but it certainly didn’t start out that way and still isn’t. What I do is hard work, yet enjoyable because it’s what I am purposed to do. I enjoy connecting with women and girls and encouraging them to walk in their authentic, naked selves.


THIS was not an overnight success story, sorry to disappoint. Keep inching your way to victory and believe as you do the work. Faith without works is DEAD! Slow and steady wins the race.

Get ready to live and perfect your purpose. As the Pruitte Twins ( Marla Pruitte Marcia Pruitte) so eloquently put it, create an #UnrecognizableLife!  I don’t recognize my life and it’s only been a year! There’s no turning back and there’s no greater celebration than celebrating YOU!


Have fun and enjoy the journey, no its not for everyone to understand. There were and still are so many people rooting against me and waiting for me to fall, but there is ONE who has held me up and encouraged me every step of the way – with every open door and that’s God! No other help I know.


Keep pressing and #Shift to expectancy.

#SeeYourselfNaked #Ebony4MBIB #mbib #blackgirlsrock #encouragement #coaching

XOXO, Ebony

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