Guilty as charged…

How many of us have been guilty of demolishing our sister’s spirit? I mean demeaning her to the point where she only had two options to choose from; either quit or make you regret the day you put her name in your mouth. I’ve been there, and I can be honest I’ve done it to someone as a means to make her feel how someone else made me feel. Stupid thing is, I knew better. I got absolutely nothing out of it, but to reap what I’d put out in the atmosphere.

The recent shocking reveal by,  Sheryl Underwood, on ‘The Talk’ gave me chills. And I know there are some who will continue to throw stones while living in a glass house. Y’all are the ones who are picture perfect,  right? Yup, good luck on life looking differently. It takes positivity to bread positivity. Don’t worry,  I’ll wait.

The Talk – Sheryl Underwood Unleashes ‘Queens of …:

What moves are you making to uplift your sister instead of tearing her down? Remember, we are in this thing called life together. Take a moment for self-reflection, give yourself a much needed look in the mirror, and do one of two things… 1. Either forgive yourself for being on the receiving end of the “conference call,” it’s not your fault nor duty to change small minded people.  2. STOP IT!!! You are only putting fuel on the fire to encourage her to be what you think she’s incapable of. It makes absolutely no sense to defame her character or question her abilities.  Do you really feel better? Instead of talking about her,  try encouraging her with positive words from the jump!

Sheryl ends her segment with a poignant quote that resounds with a nation of women who have hurt and been hurt by their colleagues,“I know you’re probably thinking, why am I saying this now… because I’m right where I belong.” Are you right where you belong because of a perfect stranger’s encouragement? I am.

As Sheryl would say, “I was bruised, but I wasn’t broken…”

We’ve got to do better!


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